Coloring alphabet set
Finally I can share with you the final version of my "Coloring alphabet". If you're interested about the story here you can read the Medium post about it:
Meet the Amazing Alligator, the Birthday Bear, the Charming Chameleon and the Dangerous Dinosaur
The next hot crew is the Enormous Elephant, the Fluffy Fox, the Giant Giraffe and the Happy Hedgehog
And if you prefer another company here are the Interesting Ibex, the Joyful Jellyfish, the Kind Kiwi and the Loud Ladybugs
The prettiest are also available: the Magical Mosquito, the Nice Nightingale, the Outstanding Owl and the Petite Penguin
How about these guys: the Quirky Queen bee, the Royal Raccoon, the Sunny Snail and the Terrific Tapir 
These whimsical creatures also can join: the Unusual Unicorn, the Vampire Bat, the Wise Worm and the X-ray Fish
And if you're still not sure which one to hang out with here are the shiest: the Young Yak and the Zimbabwean Zebra

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